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After being the first company to offer Mac mini colocation, we've been at it for nine years. Starting today, we're happy to be the first to officially offer colocation of the new Mac Pro. For those who need extra power in the cloud, MacProColo is the way to go.

High end power

The Mac Pro in a level 4 data center is the perfect combination.

High end power

Part of the community

In our data center, Macs aren't just an add-on. It's all we do and it shows.

We love Macs

World class speed

Connect to your Mac Pro from anywhere in the world.

Connect from anywhere

Plans for Everyone

No Matter your situation, we have a plan that will fit your needs

Plans for Everyone

Why host from a data center?

Sometimes people will ask why they should be in a data center. The benefits of hosting in a data center are Security, Speed and Safety. You want to be sure your machine is useful and available. Here are some benefits:

Connect from anywhere

Since your Mac Pro is in a data center, you can connect from any desktop or mobile device. With Screen Sharing, the Mac Pro will react like it is sitting right on the desk in front of you.

We're here to help

If you need any help with your Mac Pro, we're ready. You can contact us for free Remote Hands during any business day. If it's urgent, there is just a $99 remote hands and we'll be here day or night.

Amazing uptime

It's not magic, it's experience. Over the years, our high end data center has an incredible uptime record. You're welcome to check out our public Pingdom page anytime.

Run what you want

The Mac Pro is very powerful, and it's all yours. You're welcome to run whatever services and applications you'd like on your machine. May as well use all the power available.

Proud members of the Mac Community

Macs in our
data center
Years hosting



You can signup using the form below. When we receive the information, we'll create your account and send you all the information you'll need to log in at support.macminicolo.net. Due to low availability of Mac Pros, we don't have them for purchase yet. We'll add them when we have more in stock. Currently, you are welcome to send in your own Mac Pro for colocation.

About MacProColo

MacProColo is a service from Macminicolo.net. We've been hosting Macs in our data center for over 9 years. We have satisfied customers in 64 countries around the world.

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